Scissors - Dressmaking & All-Purpose

Our dressmaking, tailoring and all-purpose scissors come in many different designs to suit every pocket and skill level, with left-handed and right-handed options too.

Fiskars are a long life, high quality maker of scissors:

  • The tailors and dressmakers scissors are ideal for those who do a lot of cutting of long lengths of fabric
  • The general purpose are a great sewing scissor to have for the smaller projects or the razors edge if you need a super sharp blade (they even come with their own blade protector).
  • The Microtips are for more intricate cutting of fabric with a pile (eg cutting fabric for bear making), or something that needs sharp notches the microtips are amazing, with their spring action handles, notching curves is a breeze!

The hemline range are a good basic scissor to have round the sewing room, and a much cheaper option for a general purpose.

Choose from the Choose Option drop-down menu and check the photo to make sure you’ve found what you want.