Button Matching Service

With over 10,000 different designs, choosing the right buttons is challenging but fun. And that’s if you’re in one of our shops. For those who can’t visit us we offer a personal button finding service that customers from all over the world have enjoyed. Our track record is pretty good and we take every ‘match’ as a personal success! 

Click on the pink button below to download a form and send it with a fabric sample or original button, indicate the size and style you need and any other information you can about what you are making or repairing, and we will send you the best matches to choose from.

We charge a modest ‘finder’s-fee’ of £4.99 for this bespoke service, which also covers postage for the samples. While there’s no obligation to buy, we do ask you to return the samples.

NB the images here are just a snap-shot from our stock at a given moment and our selection is constantly changing. 

Version 2
Version 2