Crewel Work – 2-day workshop for beginners & improvers – Weds 11th & 18th September 2024 (10am-4pm) York

Crewel work is a rich historic embroidery and an opportunity to enjoy a little ‘Me’ time with like-minded people. This mixed ability traditional embroidery class is suitable for both beginners and those with previous embroidery experience who wish to up their skills and confidence. Everyone will work at their own pace, building on their stitch bank knowledge, technique and confidence.

If this is your first Crewel work workshop with Jacqueline you’ll choose one of several Jacobean design options suitable to focus on the 5 essential crewelwork stitches, plus a couple of bonus stitches should you so wish. For those returner embroiderers, you’ll be able to choose from a range of designs to build on your technique and stitch knowledge and a new range of Appleton crewel wool colours.

Crewel embroidery (or simply Crewel) dates back to the 11th century: the Bayeux Tapestry is one of the earliest surviving examples. Since then, Crewelwork has continued to flourish but was refined and perfected during the reign of James 1st. This was known as the Jacobean period. Designs continue to evolve but the exotic, stylized leaves, flowers, trees, birds, animals and insects of that time still influence the craft today and will be the focus of Jacqueline’s workshop for beginners and intermediate stitchers.

Jacqueline, one of our specialist tutors, was first taught Crewel work as a child by her grandmother and then more recently with the Royal School of Needlework. In this workshop Jacqueline will teach a range of outline, textural, filling and accent stitches most commonly used in Crewelwork today. You can find out more about Jacqueline’s embroidery workshops on her website.

Some of the information, skills and techniques Jacqueline will teach are:

Crewel work materials and where to source them
Prepping your hoop and setting your linen for crewel work embroidery
Transferring you design using the prick and pounce method
Stitches for outlining
Stitches for filling
Stitches for texture
Accent stitches

The workshop includes everything you need with the kit provided, valued at £40.00.

This comprises of:
100% linen twill
Appleton’s crewel wools in various colour ways (you get to choose 3 colours in 3 colour ways)
Embroidery needles
Embroidery ring
Binding tape

All resources you need are provided either by Jacqueline or in the kit, however you may also wish to bring along:

Personal embroidery kit (scissors etc..)
20cm/8” hands free embroidery frame or a seat frame (if you have one)
Embroiderers magnifier (if you use one)
Reading glasses (if you use them).

Each participant also receives a 10% off voucher to spend online.

Access notice: there are two flights of stairs to the workroom in our medieval building at 32 Coppergate, York YO1 9NR. We sincerely apologise if this prevents anyone from attending.

Terms and Conditions apply – please see here for details.