Skills Set – Make Do and Mend Repair Kit

Contents of Make do and mend box:
• Make do and mend booklet- including instructions on how to prologue the life of garments and patch and repair damage.
• Household needles for general repairs
• Thumb thimble
• Small sharp scissors
• Darning Mushroom
• Yarn Darners for darning work
• Thread Plait- containing lengths of 18 colours of cotton with a needle threader
• Darning Wool- containing lengths of 12 colours of darning wool
• Nylon Thread- for repairing lighter weight garments
• Fabric comb- for de bobbling clothes
• Snag needles- to pull snags to the back in garments
• 0.5m of 4 colours of kick tape to sew in the back of trouser cuffs to stop scuffing
• Iron on patches in a variety of colours
• A selection of embroidered trim which can be cut up and used to patch over stains and small holes

Box size 5cm deep, 17cm wide, 24cm long.


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