Lionel Nichols Vintage Glass Black Abstract Buttons - Set of 4

These beautifully iridescent 2.5 cm vintage glass buttons are sold as a set of 4.  Every Nichols button is unique and even those in a set might differ slightly.

They were handmade by Lionel Nichols himself in his London workshop (1946-66). His customers were the capital’s couture houses, Hardy Amies and Norman Hartnell among them.

We present them without backs, as they were when we bought them from Lionel Nichols himself. That way, you can turn them into jewellery – as Nichols did with pieces in the 60s, stitch them to garments as eye-catching embellishments or cherish them as part of your button collection. In case you prefer them as buttons, we include a set of shanks; it just takes a little dab of metal-to-glass glue for them to fulfil their original purpose.

If you are interested in other Nichols designs, please contact our Harrogate shop on ‭+44 (0)1423 502092‬ or email harrogate@duttonsforbuttons.co.uk/

We recommend hand washing only.


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