Lionel Nichols Vintage Glass Button Sets

Our Lionel Nichols buttons were made between 1946-44 by Nichols himself in his London workshop (1946-66). His customers were the capital’s couture houses, Hardy Amies and Norman Hartnell among them.

Although we sell them in sets, every Nichols button is unique and even those in a set might differ slightly.

We present them without backs, as they were sold to us by him after he closed his workshop. That way, you can turn them into jewellery – as he did with pieces in the 60s, stitch them to garments as eye-catching embellishments or cherish them as part of your button collection. In case you prefer them as buttons, we include a set of shanks; it just takes a little dab of metal-to-glass glue for them to fulfil their original purpose.

If you are interested in other Nichols designs, please contact our Harrogate shop by email at harrogate@duttonsforbuttons.co.uk/