Our Souvenirs

Over 8,000 customers have customised our souvenir Duttons for Buttons environmentally friendly bag. This button box keepsake comes with a little bag of buttons to get you going. 

We also have:

  • a Duttons for Buttons counted cross-stitch kit based on a beautiful watercolour of our York shop by local artist Kathleen Clark.  
  • a vibrant range of exclusive blank button cards with co-ordinated envelopes to purchase as a set or individually.
  • exclusive single colour Button Boxes containing 100gms of unusual buttons for crafting and embellishments. 

To purchase, Press the green button below to download an order form to post or email. Our staff will respond promptly.  

Duttons for Buttons Xmas Bag copy
Duttons for Buttons Cross Stitch_2018 10 08 (Photographed by David Birtle)
'Duttons or Buttons, York' - counted cross-stitch kit - £19.99 + pp
Duttons for Buttons bag for life - £9.99 + pp
Duttons Button Boxes - £5.99 + pp
Exclusive button cards - £2.50 each or £10 for 5 + pp
Version 2
Duttons' Button Doodle Card Making Kits - £4.50 in-store only
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